So You Want To Connect With Me?


First off, let me say thank you.

I really do appreciate the people who take time out of their busy days to write to me. Kindness from strangers is always a great way to make someone's day better.

Sadly, as you know, the web is a pretty wild place. And in my attempts to keep my digital life as quiet as possible, I’ve developed a reputation of being someone who’s hard to get in touch with.

So I asked Jordan for some tips on how she does it:

My Web Presence

To keep my brain from atrophy, I've recently started working on Kaggle and LeetCode challenges now that I'm a Tulane alum. Plus, I'm usually pretty active on my GitLab profile.

Also, because I depend on PGP for most of my digital life, I should probably include links to my public PGP key and Keybase profile.

Fingerprint: 9031 EE90 36BB E4B6 A0B8 0BC4 290D C646 D8C4 3FFC

Thank you

Again, thank you for taking the time to contact me. I really do appreciate it.