So You Want To Connect With Me?


First off, let me say thank you. I really do appreciate the people who take time out of their busy days to write to me. Kindness from strangers is always a great way to make someone's day better.

Sadly, as you know, the web is a pretty wild place and in my attempts to keep my digital life as quiet as possible, I’ve developed a reputation of being someone who’s hard to get in touch with.

The mediums I use every day (ish) that maximize your chance of connecting with me are:


Email is the only medium I use all day every day and therefore is definitely the best way to contact me. Feel free to say hello to or any of the addresses listed in my PGP key below.


I'm also one of the holdouts still on IRC. Though this is mostly to talk to Linux people. However don't let that stop you from /msg bryanb hello on ircs://


I bring new meanings to the word "lurk" when describing what I do on Mastodon: ( I'm on occasionally, though that becomes more regular around baseball season.

PGP Things

If you find yourself in the situation where you need to verify that you're absolutely talking to me, and only me, please feel free to use my PGP key. You can download my public key off using this link, or using the Web Key Directory (WKD) like this:

$ gpg --auto-key-locate wkd --locate-keys

As of Sun Jan 21 16:11:19 2024, my public key looks like:

$ gpg --with-subkey-fingerprint -k
pub   rsa4096/0x41B90D5D71D56CE0 2021-05-02 [C] [expires: 2024-05-21]
      Key fingerprint = D3D1 77E4 0A38 DF4D 1853  FEEF 41B9 0D5D 71D5 6CE0
uid                   [ unknown] Bryan Brattlof <>
uid                   [ unknown] Bryan Brattlof <>
sub   rsa2048/0xCC56814CA9235BCF 2021-05-02 [E]
      Key fingerprint = 1071 02EE 454F E95E D166  BC76 CC56 814C A923 5BCF
sub   rsa2048/0x30F2C49493304B5D 2021-05-02 [A]
      Key fingerprint = 8646 9DE1 87D9 4CEA F9B4  C648 30F2 C494 9330 4B5D
sub   rsa2048/0xC0F8ABD3E213D70C 2021-05-02 [S]
      Key fingerprint = FCE8 B0EF 9075 9C8D 3FB5  29BE C0F8 ABD3 E213 D70C

Thanks for taking the time to contact me. I really do appreciate it.