Hi (Hello)


My name is Bryan Brattlof:

This is me.

Every once in a while, I manage to stumble upon an idea that I feel needs to be published somewhere more persistent than whatever social media platform is in vogue at the time. So I decided to carve out a corner of the interconnected web of computers for myself to publish what I consider "novel" ideas.

Currently, I'm living in New Orleans with my wife, Jordan, and a cat shaped black hole of attention named Ned (after Ned Pepper, the infamous outlaw from the book True Grit, because of a missing bottom lip).

Some History

I started programming back in high school with TI-BASIC that my TI-83 calculator could run, mostly to help me memorize equations and pass the time in lectures by creating simple games.

Programming on TI-83 calculators eventually turned into Python, and Cython projects, as my computing requirements increased (and others telling me how "uncool" I was for carrying around a calculator).

My Wife, Jordan Brattlof

After highschool, I spent a few years doing various things, like training to become a pilot, working as the "minister of maintenance" for a church, and toiling as a ranch hand in South Texas, where I would eventually find the most amazing author and writer (Jordan) that would agree to be my friend forever and wife.

I eventually realized (working outside in 100°F heat will do this) most of my interests are in computer science and math (inside things).

So I moved to New Orleans and enrolled into Tulane University, where I recently graduated with a degree in Applied Computing and Systems Analysis.

Work History

Being a recent graduate, I don't have much to say about work history.

I'm currently working on various projects that I publish on GitLab. I've always enjoyed working and talking about things at the intersections of math, statistics and computers, making Kaggle a wonderful pastime for me.

For a more formal overview of my work history, I'll leave you with this great link: resume.pdf

About This Website

This website is powered by Pelican and currently hosted using AWS.

The code for this website is available on GitLab. If you find any issues, bugs, or have a feature idea, feel free to submit an issue or pull request. Feedback and help is always welcome.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to connect with me.