Hi (Hello)


A self portrait of Bryan Brattlof

Hi, I'm Bryan Brattlof, and I like to create things.

I'm currently living in Boston with my wife, Jordan, and a cat shaped black hole of attention named Ned (after Ned Pepper, the infamous outlaw from the book True Grit).

I split a majority of my time between learning everything I can in just about everything: general aviation, analysing cities through data science and FIOA requests, embedded systems and slowly contributing to the Linux Kernel, along with the various other projects I create and write about on this website.

For a more formal overview of my work history, I'll leave you with this great link: bryan-brattlof-resume.pdf

You can keep up with my latest work by following my Twitter, RSS feed, or if you use Feedly … Feedly. If you have any other questions, please feel free to connect with me.

About This Website

This website, as of 2021.05.29, is built with Pelican and deployed on Firecracker VMs running on fly.io hardware, allowing it to automatically move around in a few regions (San Francisco, USA and Frankfurt, Germany) based on demand.

The code for this website's theme is available on my gitolite server. If you find any issues, bugs, or have a feature idea, feel free to send me a patch (or a head's up) via email. Constructive feedback and help is always welcome.

This site is also tracker and advertisement free. If you feel compelled to support my work or writing, please feel free to buy me a beer or just send me a nice email. Kindness from strangers is a great way to make someone's day better (just like a beer).